[draft version 0.93]

Games4Two Instructions

1. Startpage

Clicking the Games4Two Link in the Ossn Main Menu will forward you to the games start page.

If you're already involved in one or more games you'll get a page like that providing clickable shortcuts to your games ...



The Your current games section gives a quick overview of all games you're currently involved in, in this case a Backgammon and a Tic-Tac-Toe game.

In the first game you're [Waiting on ...] your co-player to make the next move.

The second game has been [Opened] by you, but currently no other player joined so far.

You may check the Notification by email [ ] check box if you want to be notified when your co-player has made his move.

Clicking any of the colored buttons will forward you directly to the corresponding game.


The Game History [view] button opens a list of all games you played in past.


First time visitors not involved in any game so far are getting a screen as below. (Here the [View] button has been clicked.)


2. Available games

Clicking the red Games4Two link in the header opens a list of all available (currently 4) games.


Each game section comes with a clickable board image, 2 buttons [Hall of fame] and [Rules] and a summary reflecting your personal success and involvement. In doubt click the [Rules] button first, otherwise simply click on any of the 4 boards to start playing.

Referring to the following screenshot, the Tic-Tac-Toe game has been chosen by clicking the Tic-Tac-Toe game board.

3. Currently active games



This section is devided into two parts. The upper part shows a list of all games you're already involved in - games which were initially opened by you, and games of other members you have joined. Depending on the state of the game each line ends with a differently colored button.

[Wait] button: You have to wait for your co-player (davinchecodes) to make a move

[Your turn] button: It's your turn to make the next move (on the other end player 'honey' is getting a [Wait] right now)

[Opened] button: This games has been created by you, but still no other member has joined the game

The bottom table in opposite is listing all Tic-Tac-Toe games created by other members. Again we got different buttons reflecting the different options you have.

[Private game]: As a matter of fact these kind of games can't be opened by other members because they are password protected

[View game] button: In case of interest you may open this game and watch honey and botox making their moves

[Join game] button: You can join this game created by Botox

In general: Think twice before joining a game and make sure you'll be able to make your moves within the requested reflection time frame. Just occupying an available game slot and keeping your co-player hanging on is not a good idea and will result in a bad experience on the other side. You may leave a game you mistakenly joined any time, but that means losing the game. The same is true for not making your move in time, you'll be kicked off automatically then.

4. Creating a new game

If you don't want to join a game of another member or in case there's in fact no other game available to join then simply create your own one by clicking the [Create new game] button bottom right.

A new dialog window will open offering some options you have to answer ...


Name of the game: Enter any short name for your game, this is mandantory.

Password: Setting a password only makes sense if you want someone special to be your co-player, since other members won't be able to join as long as they don't know the word.

Reflection time: Choose a reasonable reflection time. The bigger the time frame you offer the better the chance you will find a co-player who is willing to make a move within the requested limit. The 30 seconds option can be fun if your partner is online and you're playing in realtime: But remember: Responding not in time means LOSING the game - thus choose this option with care.

Finally click the [Create] button, and after some seconds of initializing you'll be forwarded to the game board, which in fact doesn't look very exciting as long as noone has joined ...

5. The game board


Note that each game board comes with its own chat/message channel. Feel free to use it if you want to leave a short message to your co-player. You may delete the game without decreasing your score as long as noone has joined your game.

6. Playing

When another member has joined the game and some moves have already been made, the board will look like this:


The [Delete game] button has changed to [Give Up!] and pressing Give Up at this stage actually means losing the game. So be careful. On top both player and co-player are listed followed by a complemental line showing who's the one to make the next move. There's no need to refresh the page - it'll be done automatically whenever a move has been made.

7. End of game

When the game is finished the winner will be shown and you have the option to either play that game again or quit.